There are plenty of options for RV storage near you, but the key is finding a storage facility with proper storage space for your vehicle. Further, RV storage spaces should offer key details like convenience, security, and complementary services.

Regardless of your reason for seeking out storage services, there are plenty of options available for you. Keep reading to learn what to expect and search for in an RV storage facility.

Typically Our home is not always the best storage solution for our boat or RV. Details such as residential rules, street parking suitability, and limited covering should affect your decision to store your RV.

If you rent your home or live in an apartment or multiplex, there is a good chance that your landlord does not offer RV parking lots. Even if you own your residence, you can run into issues with HOAs or city ordinances.

Street parking is not a viable option either. The extra parking space that your RV takes up on the street is not only an issue for driver visibility, but it puts your vehicle at an increased risk of harm.

The best way to ensure the safety of your vehicle and protect your RV is by finding a facility that offers affordable monthly storage. A facility with good prices, advanced security, and superb customer service will help you stow away your RV with heightened peace of mind.

There are three storage options to look for when trying to store larger vehicles:

– Trailer storage
– RV storage
– Boat storage

These are some of the most difficult vehicles to store, and finding a trustworthy facility will help you protect your investment. It might even make owning one of these vehicles a possibility, rather than a dream.

Trailer Storage

A trailer is a piece of large equipment that, while it has its uses, is often hard to store. Finding a proper storage location ensures that you have access to the trailer when you need it, but you do not need to worry about finding extra space to store it at home.

While some trailers are small enough to fit in a garage, this takes up a valuable parking space better used for car storage.

RV Storage

An RV trailer provides easy access to mobile and off-grid life, but this is not accessible if you cannot find proper storage.

Finding a facility to offer affordable trailer storage is only part of the battle. You should also make sure their community is up to par regarding security and storage features.

Finding a secure site with the best prices and convenient location may seem impossible, but it’s actually closer than you think.

Boat Storage

If there is one thing you don’t want your boat falling victim to, it is structural damage due to improper storage.

A boat is not something that you want to get in after you’ve been storing it in an insufficient storage unit. Because weather plays a major role in the health of your stored boat, finding a garage ideal for the boat size is essential.

This allows you to store seasonal items within your boat storage, keeping everything in place and safe during off-season.

Before you choose a storage facility, make sure it has:

– A good reputation;
– Locations convenient to you
– Advanced security measures
– Amenities that fit your needs

Make sure you tour the facility before you stow your vehicle there.

Good Reputation

A sure sign that the facility has a good reputation is that there are other vehicles on the property. This shows you that there are people who have faith in the community, and it can actually ward off thieves from your vehicle.

Check into online reviews and see if there are any repetitive complaints. A single negative review shouldn’t ward you off, but several are a major red flag.

Convenient Location

You don’t want to spend half a day driving just to get into your vehicle. Double check the location of the RV storage facility to make sure it is convenient for you and easy to access.

We are conveniently located west of Edmonton, just off Yellowhead Highway. This is only about 10 minutes from West Edmonton Mall.

Advanced Security Measures

A fence is not enough to deter thieves. Most serious storage facilities (including us) feature:

– Video monitoring
– Flood lights
– On-site management
– Secure access systems

We’ve recently upgraded our security system to offer the highest peace of mind while protecting your vehicles. Between this, site managers living on the property, and an advanced access card system, your belongings have the best chance of remaining untouched.

Amenities that Fit Your Needs

Storage is not enough. The right RV storage facility may also offer:

– Propane sales and exchanges
– Firewood
– SaniDump
– Winterization services
– Free air
– Sales for complementary items

These features ensure that you don’t need to run around before storing your RV, boat, or trailer. You can get everything done in one location, making it so much easier to store your vehicle and get it off the lot safely.

Finding a local RV storage center with great prices, a trusted community, and proper availability is an irksome but necessary process. Here at Jimmy’s RV, we make sure to offer you the best storage experience.

Our local and family-owned business has over 400 stalls and a graveled storage yard to make sure you have a sound environment to store your vehicles. Stop in today to find a space that suits you.

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