If you like road trips or love going camping then buying an RV is the right move for you. But an RV is a large vehicle that most people don’t have enough parking space for at home. This is why renting a storage facility for your RV becomes the next step after purchasing one.

So how do you choose the right storage company for your RV? Well, we’ve written this article so you know exactly what to look for when choosing a facility for your RV’s storage needs.

Type Of Facility
The first thing you will need to consider is whether the storage facility you choose should be covered or uncovered. Uncovered storage facilities are those that don’t provide shade or covering. It will be like parking the RV in a parking lot or driveway. But with security.

Uncovered facilities are the cheapest options in RV storage; the only thing cheaper than uncovered storage is parking your RV in your garage, which isn’t an option for most people.
The other option available is a covered facility. A covered facility can be of different kinds; there can be a shed under which you can park your RV or an enclosed space like a big garage made specifically for RVs that will provide added protection from all sides.

The benefit of opting for covered storage space is quite obvious. You will get protection from all kinds of weather conditions; rain, snow, hail, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. Other than that, a big factor that damages RVs, in the long run, is sunlight. Covered storage space will give your RV sun protection.

Enclosed storage space will have the same benefits as a covered space, but you can expect even better protection since the space is closed from all sides. The price point for different storage facilities will decide the type of facility you choose. Covered spaces are a lot more expensive compared to uncovered storage spaces. So depending on your budget, you can decide which space to opt for.

When choosing an RV storage facility, security will be of utmost importance. You will be parking a very expensive piece of equipment in that storage facility. So making sure the company you choose has the right security infrastructure in place is important.
A good storage facility should have 24-hour video surveillance. Security personnel should be deployed at various locations, especially at the entry and exit points of the facility.
Also, a good security measure is to check for identification at entry and exit points. This will ensure the owners are the ones entering and exiting with the vehicle.

Storage Rates
Choose a facility that is reasonably priced. The best way to do this is to survey the market for different RV storage companies. Compare the location and amenities offered by different companies before coming to a decision.

You should choose an RV storage company that has plenty of space. For uncovered storage facilities, there should be enough space to move the RV around easily. You don’t want a cramped storage facility where maneuvering the RV will be a challenge.
If you opt for covered or enclosed spaces, then ensure the dimensions of the space match the requirements for your RV’s size.

Facility Timings
The timings of a facility are important. Ideally, you should choose one that opens early in the morning and closes late at night. This will give you the flexibility of using the space according to your plans. Choosing a facility that doesn’t have flexible timings may be frustrating because your plans will need to be altered to suit the facility’s timings.

When researching RV storage companies in Edmonton, you will notice that most will have similar prices, good security, and even flexible timings. But what it will all come down to is the amenities the facility offers.

Dump Stations: A dump station is where you can dispose of your RV’s wastewater. Having a dump station at the facility will save you a lot of hassle. Without a dump station, you will have to figure out how to dump the wastewater somewhere else and then park your RV at the facility.
Winterization: Edmonton is known to have cold winters. And if you don’t winterize your RV, you will have damaged pipes. Winterization is the process of draining all the pipes in the RV and adding anti-freeze to it to keep the pipes from cracking. If your facility doesn’t offer winterization services, you will have to do it yourself, which will be a hassle.
Free Air Fill: Getting your RV’s tires filled before taking it out is important. A good facility will provide air filling services for free. That way, you won’t have to stop at a filling station before your camping trip.
Propane Tanks: Without propane tanks, you won’t be able to cook food in the RV, use the heater or get hot water. Ensure that the facility you choose offers propane tanks for purchase or exchange. Otherwise, you’ll have to make a run for propane tanks before taking the RV out.
Potable Water: Potable water is basically drinking water. When choosing a facility for your RV storage, make sure you choose one that offers potable water. This will save you the hassle of looking for drinking water elsewhere or carrying water bottles on your trip.

There you have it; we hope this article helped you understand what all needs to be looked at before choosing an RV storage Edmonton facility. Always make sure that you do your research before deciding on one. If you are still unsure about which RV storage facility to choose in Edmonton, we have a recommendation: Jimmy’s RV Storage; they have all the services you will need for your RV to have peace of mind.

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